The Model

What We Do
Friends-Boston provides children with 12 years of transformative mentoring, from 1st grade through high school graduation. We are unique as the only nonprofit in the state providing Massachusetts’ highest-risk youth with 12 years of comprehensive support. This year we are serving 141 Achievers ranging from first grade to eleventh grade and will reach nearly 400 siblings and caregivers through our family support services.


How it Works

Achievers receive 20 hours of monthly support from their “Friends.”  Each Achiever is matched with a full-time Friend who is a staff member at Friends-Boston and highly trained in youth work, counseling, or education.  Achievers stay with their full-time Friend from year to year for long-term support. Achievers receive additional support from intern Friends, who are social work students serving with Friends-Boston in an unpaid field placement for one academic year.

To be a Friend means to:

  • Mentor – Provide consistent support, model positive behaviors, teach critical life skills, create trustworthy relationships, and keep promises.
  • Advocate – A relentless pursuit of resources and opportunities that will enable Achievers to succeed.
  • Lead – Guide and push Achievers to reach their full potential.

Our Achievers

We select students from consistently underperforming schools in Boston’s highest-risk neighborhoods. The vast majority of Achievers live in Dorchester, Roxbury or Mattapan, communities with high levels of violence and which together represent the largest concentration of child poverty in the state, and 90% of Achievers come from low-income families. Our Achievers have tremendous potential, but need the consistent support we provide to overcome the obstacles they face and succeed in school and in life.