Every year Friends-Boston tracks short-term outcomes which have been proven to lead to long-term academic and life success. Results from the 2012-2013 school year show that Achievers are making significant progress:

  • 97% of Achievers progressed on time to the next grade
  • 81% of Achievers attended school regularly
  • 82% of Achievers earned A’s, B’s or C’s in English and Language Arts
  • 72% of Achievers earned A’s, B’s or C’s in math
  • 87% of Achievers met or made progress towards their social/emotional skill goals

Last year 96% of Friends-Boston’s Achiever/intern Friend matches finished successfully and on-time. In comparison, slightly over 50% of mentoring matches reach their expected end date nationwide. Research has shown that mentoring relationships that end earlier than expected can result in negative outcomes like decreased self-esteem, poor grades and attendance in school, and increased risk of alcohol or drug abuse.

Friends-Boston’s model allows us to keep our promises to the children we serve by providing them with a supportive and consistent Friend every year until they reach college.